Earnest - an online student loan lender

Why It’s One of the Best

When Earnest says it doesn't charge any fees, it means it. There are no origination, application, prepayment, or late payment fees.

Variable Rates
4.99% – 13.50% APR   

Fixed Rates

4.45% – 13.70% APR

Loan Amounts
$1,000 – 100% of the school-certified cost of attendance

Earnest - an online student loan lender

Earnest is a San Francisco, California-based internet lender. The lender was established with the intention of providing everyone with access to higher education at a reasonable price. The absence of costs is one of the key advantages of getting a loan from Earnest. Several lenders advertise their student loans as having no application or origination fees, however this only applies to those. With Earnest, there are no application fees and no penalties for paying off your loan early or making late payments. Earnest doesn't charge any fees and also provides a longer grace period than the industry standard as well as the option to miss a payment once a year.

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