Ascent - an online student loan lender

 Why It's One of the Best

Ascent doesn't just want to help students afford an education, it also wants to help them succeed in the classroom, and outside of it. With Ascent Connect, undergraduates gain access to exclusive pupil success coaching.

Variable Rates

5.86% – 14.14% APR

Fixed Rates
4.62% – 14.99% APR

Loan Amounts
$2,001 – $200,000

Ascent - an online student loan lender

Ascent is a San Diego, California-based online student loan provider. In contrast to other lenders, it offers three distinct options for its student loan program. Traditional cosigned loans, non-cosigned credit-based loans, and non-cosigned future income-based loans are among the possibilities available. In this year, Ascent launched its brand-new Ascent Connect program for the first time. It's presently only open to a select group of undergraduate students, but there are intentions to increase that number in the future.

Active undergraduate students who are accepted into the program will be assigned a personal Ascent Success Coach who can assist them with their academic career and job search. The program features a free app with scholarship opportunities, one-on-one coaching sessions, and tools and resources for finding and launching a job.

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